Thursday, March 2, 2017

MOCRA wows with new exhibit: Jesus’ suffering told through art

By Nadia Sirajuddin
Bernard Maisner’s "The Way Up Is The Way Inside the Whale"
MISSOURI---Nestled right behind the frequently visited Subway and POD market is one of the hidden gems of campus, the Museum of Contemporary Religious Art. Containing an immensely broad spectrum of art, this cozy museum has something for anyone and everyone to appreciate. Currently until April 2, MOCRA is featuring Bernard Maisner "The Hourglass and the Spiral," an exhibit that is definitely a treat but definitely not the only thing worth seeing. MOCRA urges us to see religion in a new light, setting the art as an example. [link]

Museum of Contemporary Religious Art: Bernard Maisner: The Hourglass and the Spiral, (Ends April 2, 2017); 3700 West Pine Mall Blvd. (a pedestrian mall) on the campus of Saint Louis University (SLU) in midtown St. Louis, Missouri; (314) 977-7170;