Saturday, March 4, 2017

Movie Review: "The Shack" by the Catholic Review

Movie poster
HOLLYWOOD---"The Shack" (Summit), director Stuart Hazeldine's screen version of William Paul Young's best-selling novel, represents a serious effort to tackle the problem of evil from a Christian perspective. As such, it will be welcomed by believers. While objectionable elements are virtually absent from the film, however, patches of dialogue discounting the value of religion -- here implicitly set in opposition to faith broadly speaking -- and hinting that God is indifferent to how we worship him mean that impressionable viewers should keep their distance. So, too, does the morally problematic treatment of a dark and long-kept secret. While some may be uncomfortable with the fact that both the Father and the Holy Spirit manifest themselves to the protagonist as women, given that they would be free to do so in whatever guise they chose, this is no real objection. [link]