What to see at the Metropolitan Museum of Art this week

By Holland Cotter
“Vishvarupa” (1961) from “An Artist of Her Time: Y.G. Srimati and the Indian Style,” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
NEW YORK---Y. G. Srimati (1926-2007) was one of these artists, as seen in the beautiful and important small show, “An Artist of Her Time: Y. G. Srimati and the Indian Style,” at the Met. Born in Mysore and raised in Madras (now Chennai), Ms. Srimati studied several classical South Asian art forms, becoming an expert instrumentalist, vocalist, dancer and painter. In the end, she’s a devotional artist, in the religious or spiritual sense: Her 1947-48 painting of the Hindu goddess Saraswati was originally displayed on her family’s home altar. And this is yet another factor likely to keep her from mainstream modernist acceptance. Through June 18. Metropolitan Museum of Art; 212-535-7710, metmuseum.org. [link]