Monday, April 17, 2017

Artist creates Retablos using paint he made in Colorado

By Raquel Villanueva
From his studio in North Denver, SeanTrujillo embraces the tradition of creating Retablos. Retablos are Spanish-Colonial folk art which is dedicated to honoring saints and religious figures.
DENVER---Growing up, Sean Trujillo says he didn't draw the Power Rangers or the Ninja Turtles like most kids in his class. "I was always the one painting the crucifix and the holy cards," he says. That strong connection with his Catholic faith eventually lead him to become a Santero, an artist dedicated to the practice of painting saints and other Spanish-influenced religious art. Trujillo's work will be featured alongside other Colorado santero art at the CHAC Gallery and Cultural Center.  It will also highlight the background and history of Retablos, Bultos and Reredos. [link]