Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Kenyan artist blasts National Museum for censoring his 'religious' art pieces

By Grace Kerongo
Soi explained his symbolic, not realistic, painting stands for the closeness of church leaders and politicians in Kenya, a highly religious country.
NAIROBI---Controversial artist Michael Soi has gone ham on the National Museum of Kenya for commissioning work for the Museum Day, then turning it down, claiming it has "issues revolving around nudity". Soi told Word Is, "We presented our work to the museum three days ago and a few hours later we got a call to go to the museum. They told us they 'looked at the work and felt that the work was not appropriate for our audience.' We were literarly told to present either new work as an option because this would never go up in the gallery." The theme for the Museum day was "Speak The Unspeakable". Soi opted to address this issue by painting art pieces about contemporary religion. [More]
Church, greed, lust - that's what got artworks censored!