Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Prints of Makoto Fujimura's "Charis-Kairos (The Tears of Christ)" at Saatchi Art

Charis-Kairos (The Tears of Christ) by Makota Fujimura. 80x64", Mineral Pigments, Gold on Belgium Linen
The artist Makoto Fujimura's "Charis (Grace) Kairos (Time)," takes the methods he developed for a Soliloquies series where he exhibited his large scale works with Modernist master Georges Rouault's paintings. "Taking Rouault's indelible images as a cue," said Fujimura, "I decided to start with a dark background, to illumine the darkness with prismatic colors." He painted The Four Holy Gospels, using water-based Nihonga materials (Japanese-style painting), with my focus on the tears of Christ (John 11) - tears shed for the atrocities of the past century and for our present darkness." Charis-Kairos (The Tears of Christ) is part of the "Four Holy Gospels" which will be in the inaugural exhibit at the new Museum of the Bible in Washington D.C. in November of 2017. [Purchase]