Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Arkansas man smashes Ten Commandments monument

By Christine Hauser

LITTLE ROCK---The towering granite monument engraved with the Ten Commandments took years to make and was plagued by controversy, but finally on Tuesday morning it was installed on the grounds of the Arkansas State Capitol. It did not last long. Less than 24 hours after it was embedded into a base of concrete and steel rods behind the Capitol building, the monument, which weighed about three tons, was smashed into pieces when Michael Tate Reed II, a 32-year-old resident of the city of Van Buren in western Arkansas, slammed his car into it, according to Pulaski County sheriff’s office records and state officials. [More]
A 6-foot-tall privately funded Ten Commandments monument is seen on the Arkansas Capitol grounds in Little Rock. It was installed by workers two years after lawmakers approved a measure allowing the statue on state property. (Photo: Andrew DeMillo/AP)
The remnants of the Ten Commandments monument outside the Arkansas State Capitol on Wednesday morning.