Saturday, June 17, 2017

Collecting Madonnas, for feminism’s sake

By Emily Spivack
Barbara Kasten’s collection of Madonnas appears throughout her home.
I’ve had this obsession with Madonnas since I was in high school. Not from a religious standpoint, but from a feminist one. I was at an all-girls Catholic school when I first made a painting of a Madonna, which I still have today. That was when the feminist part of me began to come out. I was interested in female power, and Mary was the ideal way to reflect on that. I probably have 25 cultural representations of Madonna in my collection, which are mostly outsider art. They’re from my travels to Mexico, Lithuania, New Mexico, Turkey. To me, they are about the everyday acceptance of women in places of dignity rather than depictions of women as an art form. [More]
Kasten collects Madonnas on her travels. These include the blue one at right, found on a trip to Lithuania.