Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Emily Cheng’s paintings explore the landscape, the body, and religious iconography.

Emily Cheng, “Stupa Axis” (2016), flashe on canvas, 84 x 78 inches (all images courtesy the artist)
I feel quieted in Emily Cheng’s studio — to the point where I wondered, afterwards, if I’d even posed questions. The paintings have a lightness in tone and surface quality, but they are forceful in their suggestion of movement. They seem to chart energy channels, and push us into spaces that can’t quite be articulated or described. I love how Buddhism addresses the very mental aspects of the self-consciousness, perceptions of reality, community, and one’s role in the world. The Tao gets you to look and think about yourself as a physical body in flow with the greater universe. So, together, it is quite rich. [More]
Emily Cheng, “After Shen Shicong 4” (2017), flashe on canvas, 35 x 47 inches