Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Facebook rejected ad for Christian Fourth of July video over alleged 'nudity' image

By Michael Gryboski
(Photo: Screengrab/YouTube/Heirloom Audio)An image from the short film "The Lost Secrets of Liberty," uploaded to social media sites by the Illinois-based Heirloom Audio Productions
Facebook has rejected an ad for a video created by a Christian group for the Fourth of July holiday that included an animated recreation of the "Creation of Adam" mural due to it violating the social media site's policy on nudity. Heirloom Audio Productions, an Illinois-based Christian entertainment company founded in 2012, posted to their Facebook page on Wednesday a video of a short film titled "The Lost Secrets of Liberty." While the video itself was successfully posted to Facebook, an ad request submitted by Heirloom was rejected on Wednesday by the social media site due to an alleged violation of their nudity policy. [More]