Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Jamaican spiritual art and its relationship to religion

By Edward Lucie-Smith
Christopher Lawrence "The Redeemer"
LONDON, UK---When people think of Jamaican religious art, they mostly think of work connected to Rastafarianism, and in particular to that produced by a generation of self-taught so-called Intuitives, whose images are quite closely connected to those made by Haitian artists inspired by Voodou. There is little or nothing of that here. The spirituality that undoubtedly pervades a great deal of the art made in modern Jamaica tends to be cozily domestic, showing religion as part of everyday life. The images displayed at St Stephens are about seeing Jamaica is it actually is, not as some lost fragment of African culture, transferred intact to a different hemisphere. [More]

St Stephen Walbrook will be hosting an exhibition of Jamaican spiritual art arranged by Art Jamaica ( from 3 July to 16 July 2017.
Greg Bailey, BFA from Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts located in Kingston Jamaica puts spotlight on Issac instead of Abraham for his acceptance of God's fate, but through the lens of Jamaican machette
Marlon James "Trio (Lonely Wanderer Series)." Image courtesy of