Sunday, July 2, 2017


By Gregory & Ernest Disney-Britton
"Flee From Egypt-Moses Parting The Red Sea" by Reverend Albert Lee Wager at Visionary Art Museum. 
Happy 4th of July! As we prepare for Tuesday's holiday, we are reminded of another freedom day much longer ago when the Israelites left Egypt for their promised land. In "Flee From Egypt-Moses Parting The Red Sea," outsider artist Rev. Albert Lee Wagner depicted Moses leading the way in the midst of turbulent waters on his left and right. This past week's art news raised the contentious issue of the "promised land," as seen by the political left vs. right, through a symbol on a flag, a prayer wall, and a monument. With strokes that are thick, rough, and bursting, Reverend Albert Lee Wagner inspires us to walk down the middle with God.

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Three women who attended Saturday’s Chicago Dyke March were expelled for displaying rainbow LGBT flags embossed with Jewish stars.
Jewish women pray at the men's section of the Western Wall in Jerusalem's Old City. Israel is shelving a deal to allow men and women to pray together at the Western Wall. (Thomas Coex / AFP/Getty Images)
The controversial Ten Commandments monument was officially unveiled at the Arkansas State Capitol early Tuesday morning. On Wednesday it was smashed by a driver who felt it was unconstitutional.