Friday, September 22, 2017

An exhibition at Alhamra Art Gallery Lahore shows works across mediums of ten artists

By Quddus Mirza
Ijtima, the name of the exhibition which opened on September 6, alludes to religion being a term usually associated with religious gatherings. The curator, Sundas Azfar, describes the reason for choosing the title Ijtima, an Arabic word, “derived from the word Jama; the opposite of Wahid (means, Singular in English)”. She says, the “exhibition ‘Ijtima’, shows works across mediums of ten artists”; and explains the selection of participants: “The presence of one male artist in an otherwise female artist show opens new possibilities of classification and grouping in a social and political domain.” The exhibition that ended on September 9 was all about identities — religious, national and gender status. The last one includes sexual preference/history, not easily accepted in a conventional society. [More]