Thursday, September 21, 2017

#Artprize work explores the temptation of “Adam and Eve" but in New York

By Ramon Espantaleon, artist
Ramon Espantaleon's "Adam and Eve in New York: The original sin and expulsion from paradise" (2016) | Two-Dimensional | Vote Code: 65219
GRAND RAPIDS -- “Adam and Eve in New York: the original sin and expulsion from paradise” is the latest art piece that belongs to my art project “First Apple”, especially created to be exhibited during my solo show at the prestigious Patricia and Phillip Frost Art Museum (Miami, Florida) during the Art Basel Week 2016. First Apple started after a rigorous volumetric study of Manhattan. This study showed that the width of each street is half the width of each block. Manhattan is also known as the Big Apple, fruit of discord associated with the creation of mankind through Adam and Eve. For that reason, I chose one of Michelangelo´s most famous work on the Sistine chapel ceiling, "The original sin and expulsion from paradise", and painted over Manhattan, a vigorous, dynamic, powerful, changing and chaotic city, a modern paradise. [More]