Thursday, September 28, 2017

Divine Ammunition by artist Al Farrow on display in Wyoming

By Paul V.M. Flesher
Artist Al Farrow’s “The Skull of Santo Guerro II,” a reliquary of an imagined saint, evokes both violence and the sacred. The skull rests on a bed of spent rifle shells. Farrow’s “Divine Ammunition” exhibition is on view at the UW Art Museum through Dec. 16. (Paul Flesher Photo)
LARAMIE, Wyoming---Before the two reliquaries stands a model of a large Gothic cathedral. It is made mostly from ammunition, intricately put together. It is often difficult to interpret art, to find its meaning. But, one point is clear: The images are of the sacred and holy (saints’ remains, sacred texts and accouterments) contained within the symbols of violence, ammunition and weapons of death. Al Farrow’s artworks clearly juxtapose violence and the sacred. But, what is the message? He won’t say, so it remains unclear. Al Farrow’s exhibition, “Divine Ammunition,” is on view at the University of Wyoming Art Museum through Dec. 16. [More]