Monday, September 25, 2017

East meets west in srt at Viacom’s vibrant exhibit by Ogulcan Kush

Detail of “Kaleidoscope” by Ogulcan Kush. Photo by Studio Brooke.
NEW YORK -- The creation of Turkish-born, New York City based Ogulcan Kush (who goes by “OG”), the medley of precision-measured shapes and symbolism is a deliberate synthesis of Eastern, Islamic art and Western modern art. This fusion of artforms is both a tribute to OG’s principal influences and a therapeutic articulation of his frustration that his U.S. work visa will soon expire, forcing him to leave New York. “I decided to be okay with leaving the U.S., and use whatever time I had left to react to the situation with my art,” OG told Art at Viacom, which is hosting the artist’s first solo U.S. exhibition, American Daydream. [More]