Monday, September 4, 2017

For 17th-century artists, King Herod’s order to execute children was a popular theme

By Domaine de Chantilly
"Le Massacre des Innocents" (c. 1627–28), Nicolas Poussin. © RMN – Grand Palais – Michel Urtado
CHANTILLY, France---Le Massacre des Innocents, Nicolas Poussin’s masterpiece, will be the focal point of this exhibition, which will also feature works by some of the great names of modern and contemporary art including Pablo Picasso, Francis Bacon and Annette Messager. Poussin’s painting, which powerfully captures the anonymous brutality on the part of the executioner and the despair and horror of the mother, caused an immediate sensation amongst his contemporaries. Some 50 works highlight the painting’s lasting legacy. Find out more about the ‘Le Massacre des Innocents’ exhibition from the Domaine de Chantilly’s website. [More]
Picasso's "The Charnel House," the mass grave (1945); 6' 6 5/8" x 8' 2 1/2"; oil and charcoal on canvas; Collection of The Museum of Modern Art New York