Friday, September 15, 2017

Judas miniseries explores the aftermath of history's greatest blasphemer

By Jeff Loveness
Taken on purely literary merits, the Christian Bible flaunts a staggering number of complex characters worthy of further exploration. What makes these archetypal sinners so worthy of our fascination? They’re certainly more relatable, but they also tend to offer a more layered look into morality—spectrums of bittersweet grey more than binary black and white. And Judas Iscariot embraces that ambiguity more than any of his nefarious peers. Exclusively announced today, writer Jeff Loveness and artist Jakub Rebelka will tackle that question in a gorgeous four-issue comic miniseries published by BOOM! Studios, set to start this December. [More]
Judas #1 Cover Art by Jakub Rebelka