Saturday, September 30, 2017

Movie Review: No right way to keep the faith in ‘The Good Catholic’

By Monica Castillo
Movie Poster
Not many movies involve the everyday tasks of running a church, with priests rehearsing their Sunday sermons, eating together at staff dinners or dealing with the inner struggles of faith. It is in these mundane moments that the director and writer Paul Shoulberg finds a story. “The Good Catholic” is almost as strait-laced as its protagonist. As Jane develops a crush on Daniel, the movie starts to follow a conventional path. Fortunately, Mr. Spicer’s earnest performance bolsters many of the weaker spots in Mr. Shoulberg’s script. The conflicting dynamics among the three men of the cloth provide most of the movie’s punch lines. Mr. Glover and Mr. McGinley each have their own scene-stealing one-liners to bounce off Mr. Spicer’s deadpan delivery. Here, friendship is its own form of saving grace. [More]
Paul Shoulberg’s debut feature won the Independent Cinema award at the California film festival.