Friday, September 29, 2017

Olivia Munroe’s art goes mystic

By Edward M. Gómez
Olivia Munroe, Untitled, 2016, cloth, beeswax, string, aluminum panel, 48 x 48 inches (photo courtesy of Sundaram Tagore Gallery)
NEW YORK -- If secrets and uncertainties lurk in the shadows, do truths about what is real and knowable reveal themselves, inevitably, in the light? If, as Buddhist teachings advise, perceived “reality” is merely a fleeting confluence of energies in a moment of infinite time, then what is there that is ever convincingly in our grasp — to be clutched in the hand, held in the mind, or squirreled away in that repository of spirits and memories that one might call the nurturing place — and refuge — of the soul? It’s in the spirit of all of these, well, spiritual themes that along comes the American artist Olivia Munroe with Archetypes, an exhibition of new mixed-media “paintings,” along with a selection of colorful drawings on paper, which is on view at Sundaram Tagore Gallery in Chelsea through October 7. [More]
Untitled, 2016, wax, cloth, string, paper, board, 32 x 44 inches/81.3 x 111.8 cm