Friday, September 15, 2017

Secular temple devoted to gay icon Oscar Wilde in NY church

“Oscar Wilde in Prison” by McDermott & McGough
NEW YORK---A secular temple devoted to Oscar Wilde has been opened in the basement of a New York church. It is crammed with devotional-style religious art to honour the Irish playwright, author and wit as a trailblazer of gay rights. Those involved in the project said it had been 20 years in the making but with transgender rights under threat from President Donald Trump's administration and gays feeling more discrimination, it was more timely than ever. Conceived by artists David McDermott and Peter McGough at The Church of the Village, the space will be open to members of the public five days a week and available for private ceremonies, including weddings. [More]
Oscar Wilde and Lord Alfred Douglas
“Oscar Wilde Temple,” 1917, MMXVII (installation view) Russell Chapel, the Church of the Village, New York Photo: Elisabeth Bernstein / Courtesy of © McDermott & McGough