Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Shoshannan Brombacher brings a Golem to New York City

Shoshannah Brombacher's "Golem"
NEW YORK -- Who hasn't heard the word Golem? The word means an embryo or unformed mass and is used in popular speech for a big, dumb or stupid person who obeys but can't think independently. Artist Shoshannah Brombacher has assembled over forty original works from twenty-nine artists to celebrate all things Golem at the Brooklyn Jewish Art Gallery. For centuries the legend of the Golden has grown, frightening some, protecting some, and inspiring artists, writers, and filmmakers. The artists include Cheselyn Amato, Joel Silverstein, and curator Shoshannah Brombacher. The gallery at Congregation KOL Israel is a nonprofit that seeks to give a showcase for Jewish artists and all artists who work in universal, uplifting themes.