Monday, October 23, 2017

"Jesus and the Thieves" a portrait series by photographer Troy Schooneman

By Ernest Disney-Britton
"The Penitent Thief" at the Crucifixion by Troy Schooneman
Australian photographer Troy Schooneman must be today's master of Renaissance portraits. His portraits of men are luminous with rich, saturated colors that remind you of a Caravaggio painting. In his "Jesus and The Thieves" series of three portraits, he depicts the crucifixion of Jesus Christ with the two unnamed men who were crucified at the same time. Both men mock Jesus, but black male on the left holds out his hand seeking forgiveness while the other turns away. Schooneman also created a related series entitled, "The Betrayal" with four portraits based on the betrayal of Jesus Christ by the Apostle Judas Iscariot. Troy Schooneman covers a wide array of subjects in his portraits but it is his approach to Christianity that possesses a truly timeless quality.
"Jesus and the Thieves" series by Troy Schooneman
The Lamb of God
The Impenitent Thief