Sunday, October 15, 2017


By Gregory & Ernest Disney-Britton
David Seitz created this projection for Covenant First Presbyterian Church in downtown Cincinnati. Image courtesy of The Cincinnati Enquirer 
Cincinnati made a strong case for itself as a city for the future this week by placing its downtown churches, and arts organizations at the center of a light spectacular called "Blink." On Thursday night, they turned on the lights, and thousands responded. We overheard one visitor tell his friend, "I didn't know there were these many people in the whole world." Blink Cincinnati is a new four-day art and light festival that runs through today. There are 70-some light installations, and interactives on the city streets including dazzling large-scale projection mapping and striking murals at places like Covenant First Presbyterian Church, Old St. Mary's Church, and St. Louis Church. If you missed it this week, pray for its resurrection in 2018. [More]

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Gregory Disney-Britton, Vernieda Britton, and Ernest Disney-Britton at Blink Cincinnati on Saturday, October 14, 2017. Credit: Photo by Gregory Disney-Britton
Covenant First Presbyterian Church in downtown Cincinnati at 717 Elm Street. Credit: Photo by Gregory Disney-Britton 
"The Annunciation Mural" by Xlene Project at 1725 Pleasant Street in Over the Rhine. Credit: Photo: Hailey Bollinger