Rijksmuseum honors a founder of Dutch painting: Johan Maelwael (Jean Malouel)

Detail of "La Grande Pietà ronde" by Johan Maelwael. (Nijmegen, c. 1370 - Dijon, 1415), c. 1400. © 2009 Musée du Louvre / Erich Lessing
This autumn the Rijksmuseum pays tribute to Johan Maelwael, the pioneer of early Netherlandish painting. Johan Maelwael received his training in the Duchy of Gelre whose glory days as a painter of powerful dukes at the Burgundian court were over 600 years ago. His most famous work, the large round Pietà (on loan from the Musée du Louvre), is to be the highlight of a new Rijksmuseum collection featuring fifty breathtaking art treasures. The show is organized with the exceptional support of the Musée du Louvre that lends Maelwael’s most famous painting 'La Grande Pietà ronde' that has never left Paris since 1962. [More]