Friday, October 13, 2017

Theatre Review: Math, religion, music, and time on display in "Infinity" in Indianapolis

By Gregory Disney-Britton
Live music by a violinist plays a central role in "Infinity" by Storefront Theatre of Indianapolis
INDIANAPOLIS -- The 2014 play "Infinity" by playwright Hannah Moscovitch has its final run this weekend in Indianapolis at the IndyFringe Theatre. We highly recommend this play produced by Storefront Theatre of Indianapolis. t's an emotionally raw story that pits two perspectives on time against the other, time is real vs. time is a human construct. It doesn't answer the question but it presents strong arguments for both and includes comparisons to religious ideas as part of that debate. It was written by woman, who according to Wikipedia, was raised as an atheist but with both a Jewish and Christian background. It's a thinking person's play about two lovers, a physicist and a classical composer, and their child prodigy who becomes a mathematician. In the end though, it's a 90-minute journey of love, religion, and questions about life. [Tickets]