Monday, November 13, 2017

For Greg Disney-Britton, images of Christ brings church to his home

Gregory Disney-Britton seated at home in Indianapolis holding newly acquired Kelvin Buzon's "Saint John the Baptist," edition 1 of 25; Nicollo Cosme’s ”Madonna & Child,” top left; William Wallace's "John 3:16," bottom left; William Fritsch’s “The Next Supper,” foreground right; and Henrich Hoffman's "Figure of Christ," center left.
Gregory Disney-Britton is surrounded by images of Christ each night as he sits down at home to manage his church's daily blog postings. “It's the most important tool our church has to share our member's journey and how they connect to scripture," he said of his work at Life Journey Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. While Greg's been collecting for years, it's a recent decision to transform his office den into an exclusive display of portraits of Jesus Christ, paintings, drawings, prints, and posters. Christ's baptism by Saint John the Baptist by photographer Kelvin Burzon is a recent acquisition, but works by Henrich Hoffman and Salvador Dali are also included.
Kelvin Burzon's "Saint John the Baptist" 1/25 edition print (purchase online)