Ramon Espantaleon's "Adam and Eve in New York" comes to Florida

"Adam and Eve in New York: the original sin and expulsion from paradise," 96 x 96 in material resin and wood frame
Ramon Espantaleon's "Adam and Eve in New York" is on view until November 25th at the Mac Fine Art Gallery in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The project started with a volumetric study of Manhattan that showed that the width of each street, and then he calculated the heights of the 35,0000 buildings that have been incorporated into the piece. It "is the latest art piece that belongs to my art project 'First Apple'" Ramon wrote in his artist statement. "Manhattan is also known as the Big Apple, fruit of discord associated with the creation of mankind through Adam and Eve." The work was originally scheduled to be unveiled in September at ArtPrize in Michigan, but hurricane season got in the way. MAC Fine Art Gallery Fort Lauderdale, 833 NE 4th Ave,  Fort Lauderdale, Florida, macfineart.com