Friday, November 10, 2017

Setting the record straight about the upcoming Museum Of The Bible

By Jerry Bowyer
Created in celebration of the 400th anniversary of the King James Version, Makoto Fujimura's “The Four Holy Gospels" is now an inaugural exhibit of the Museum of the Bible.
Earlier today I sat down at my desk to write an article about the soon-to-be-opened Museum of the Bible. Steve and Jackie Green granted me an interview about the museum recently and I was anxious to get something written in advance of the grand opening later this month. Before digging into the project, I did my usual unadvisable visit to Facebook, and I saw there a link to an article from the Washington Post about the museum written by the paper’s local arts reporter, Peggy McGlone. The article was clearly negatively slanted: Snarky in tone and fixated on points of criticism. The relationship between Hobby Lobby, the Green family, the National Christian Foundation, and charity is 'murky,' the finances 'tangled'. I sat down across a Skype line from Steve and Jackie Green recently to talk about all things Museum of the Bible. It was edited for clarity and you can listen to it right here. [More]

Museum of the Bible: Grand Opening (November 17, 2017); 400 4th St. SW, Washington, DC; (855) 554-5300;