Thank you Annie Ruth for "Sisterhood" from Verneida Britton

Annie Ruth creations, courtesy of the Cincinnati Arts Association
On Friday, October 27, 2017, Cincinnati artist and sisterhood activist Annie Ruth hosted a celebration of women at the Aronoff Arts Center in downtown Cincinnati. The grand hall was packed friend, fans, and family members who assembled to honor one man and 29 women for the extraordinary service in support of women. My mom, Vernieda Britton was one of the 30 honorees, and the following is her reflection on the grand event:

DaDa Rafiki Moment

Friday, October 27, 2017 at a grand Cincinnati event called DaDa Rafiki became an evening that will always live in our hearts and souls forever.

While watching my sister Annie Ruth standing on the stage by the blue line in each of your beautiful African attire wearing a glow and loving smile across her face for each of the sister honorees was etched into our heart and soul that night.

When I was escorted down the stage by a beautiful sister a sophomore at Walnut Hills High.  I just wanted to savor each step and breathe in the warmth of the lights, audience and cameras that was happening at that moment.

When a poem was beginning to be read by Courtis Fuller as we stood together side by side holding my award made by your loving hands my heart and soul felt so much love as he continued to read.

Yes, my DaDa Rafiki we were standing together on the Aronoff theater stage overlooking the 2000+ seats sold that night. You are truly a vessel of God'slove energy which was felt throughout the theater into our heart and soul that night.

I don't know how to Thank you for giving each of us such an outstanding  DaDa Rifiki moment an Honor that I know has become etched into MY heart and soul forever.

Peace and Joy, 
Verneida Britton