Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Christian's in Visual Arts features "Zoo of Lusts" by Jeremie Riggleman in traveling exhibition

By Gregory & Ernest Disney-Britton

2018 Alpha Omega Prize Finalist: 
"Zoo of Lusts" (2015) by Jeremie Riggleman. Acrylic, photos & resin, Edition of 5 & AP
Jeremie Riggleman's whimsical work explores the tension between longing (discontent) and belonging (contentment), and what could be better for this season? In his "Zoo of Lusts," Riggleman placed baby Jesus in his cradle at the center of the scene watched over by an angel in the form of a toy bear, and surrounded by other toy animals including a duck and a dinosaur. Riggleman uses lawn art creatures as stand-ins for exploring his past and thinking about the future. In his artist statement, the artist cites his influences as "mythology, folk art, pop culture and faith." "It is just one of the images in "The Beautiful,” a CIVA exhibition opening on January 25, 2018, at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI. Riggleman is a member of CIVA/Christians in Visual Arts, and the show features works by other CIVA members.