Monday, December 11, 2017

Japanese Art and the two paths of Buddhism and Shintoism: Faith in the Snow

By Lee Jay Walker
“Art of Buddhism and Shintoism and Two Paths in the Snow,” by Utsumi shows that two religious paths can co-exist naturally without seeking to crush and humiliate the other.
TOKYO---The latest art piece by Sawako Utsumi, a contemporary Japanese artist who hails from Northern Japan, utilizes the snowy landscape by highlighting the respective strengths of Buddhism and Shintoism despite terrible adversity. Of course, the adversity applies to the terrible weather conditions faced by the holy men of Buddhism and Shintoism in this art piece. However, on a bigger nuance, then it applies to certain international events that have decimated Buddhism and Traditional Beliefs throughout history – and is still happening today. “Art of Buddhism and Shintoism and Two Paths in the Snow,” is an adorable piece of art by Utsumi. This is based on the amazing landscape, the three holy men of Buddhism and Shintoism, the terrible winter conditions, the power of faith, and the distant Buddhist temple and Shinto shrine. [More]