Monday, January 8, 2018

An exhibition in the US celebrates Estonia’s Renaissance artist Michel Sittow

"Assumption of the Virgin" (circa 1500) by Michel Sittow. National Gallery of Art - Washington DC (United States):
WASH., DC---A new exhibition opens this month at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC to celebrate Michel Sittow, an Estonian master of the early Netherlandish art. Considered Estonia’s greatest Renaissance artist, Sittow (c. 1469–1525) was sought after by the renowned European courts of his day, including those of King Ferdinand of Aragón and Queen Isabella of Castile, Philip the Handsome, Margaret of Austria and Christian II of Denmark. The exhibition of Sittow’s works will be held from 28 January to 13 May. Among the highlights are "The Assumption of the Virgin" (c. 1500/1504, National Gallery of Art) and "The Ascension of Christ" (c. 1500/1504, private collection). [More]

National Gallery of Art: "Michel Sittow: Estonian Painter at the Courts of Renaissance Europe"; (January 28 – May 13, 2018); 6th & Constitution Ave NW, Washington, DC; (202) 737-4215;