Monday, February 26, 2018

Project teaches inmates redemption through Buddhist art

By Nauvara Suksamran & King-Qua Lahong
An inmate at Bang Kwang Central Prison prepares to give a Buddhist statue to his parents after he was trained to sculpt as a way of reforming his behaviour.
BANGKOK---More Thai convicts are turning to religious artwork while behind bars to "cleanse" their minds but some find staring a Buddhist statue in the eye to day after day a daunting task given the guilt associated with past crimes. Six years ago, one convict killed a man in cold blood now he is attempting self-reform through a combination of art, religion and self-reflection. The convict is among 30 people to join a Buddhist-themed sculpture course at Band Kwang Central Prison launched by the Correction Department. It aims to help the inmates heal and reform, said department chief Narat Sawettanan. [More]