Monday, April 9, 2018

How to determine the value of conceptual art? |

Maurizio Cattelan: Official trailer for the documentary “Be Right Back.” The film documents Cattelan, a satirical sculptor, who has no formal training and considers himself an “art worker” rather than an artist, from his early days to the Guggenheim retrospective in 2011-2012.
In Part 1 of our Conceptual Art Series, we talked about how Marcel Duchamp changed the course of art history with the debut of his notorious 1917 Fountain, and how conceptual art has found a place for itself in the mainstream art world. Over the years, we would see various works of conceptualism that would come with surprisingly hefty price tags in the art market. Ultimately, it’s difficult to say what factors play a role in the pricing of conceptual art. How to assess a value of an idea and who decides what concept is worth more? “Art,” whether conceptual version or not, never fails to lead us to more questions than answers. [More]