Thursday, April 26, 2018

New book explores the Chester Beatty Library's 16th-century Ruzbihan Qur'an

One of the two facing shamsas that mark the beginning of the manuscript, 16.9 cm diameter (max.) without rays and 22.2 cm (max.) with rays. (CB Is 1558, f.2a, detail).
LONDON.- The Islamic Collections of the Chester Beatty Library are amongst the finest in existence, and are internationally renowned for their high quality. The Library’s 16th-century Ruzbihan Qur’an—produced in the city of Shiraz in southwest Iran—is one of the most splendid Islamic manuscripts known. In both material and workmanship it is exquisite: lapis lazuli and gold, the two most expensive pigments available, are used on every page, while the rendering of the decoration is exceptionally fine. This book is the most detailed and comprehensive study of any Islamic manuscript—and it is well worthy of such scrutiny. [More]