Wednesday, April 4, 2018

‘Reclaiming Muslim’: The Instagram series celebrating Islamic diversity in the UK

By Claire Corkery
Images from Charlotte Bibby's 'Reclaiming Muslim' UK project include Aima Warriach,a 20-year-old niqabi, feminist and artist who was born in Pakistan and moved to Canada as a baby. Reclaiming Muslim / Charlotte Bibby
Almost three million Muslims call the UK home, and it’s a rich and diverse community. But so often those who follow the Islamic faith are portrayed as a ubiquitous group in British public life, with discussions dominated by terrorism and security. Charlotte Bibby, based in London, is part of a growing number of creatives challenging misconceptions about Muslims in British society. The 25-year-old started the Reclaiming Muslim project in 2017, an Instagram photography series telling the stories of Muslims living in the UK. Follow Reclaiming Muslim on Instagram @reclaimingmuslim [More]