Saturday, May 19, 2018

Kota Neelima's latest expo explores the lives of widows of Vidarbha farmers

In her latest exhibition, author-artist Kota Neelima explores the acts of negotiation the widows of Vidarbha farmers undergo
The concept of negotiating and documenting the absence in and around us has been a recurring motif in the author-painter’s oeuvre. In her last exhibition, the cold silence enveloping the disputed site of Ayodhya was captured in myriad hues, with symbols of nature, such as trees and flowers dotting her canvases. But that was the beginning of 2017. We are almost in the midst of the 2018 and the gaze of the multifaceted Neelima has shifted to a subject which has been central to her research for more than a decade. As is her wont, Neelima has always turned to the creative medium to draw attention to what she felt was left unsaid in the written word. [More]