Thursday, May 31, 2018

South Carolina Baptists to remove their Jesus statue today for being ‘too Catholic'

By Noah Feit
In this 2007 file photo, Bert Baker, an amateur artist, had recently finished a 7-foot-tall sculpture of Christ at Red Bank Baptist Church. The piece, which also depicts multiple scenes from Christ's life, was installed on Easter Sunday. Gerry Melendez
RED BANK, SC---Jesus Christ is being removed from a South Carolina church. A statue of Jesus Christ and accompanying artwork that has been displayed at Red Bank Baptist Church for more than a decade will be taken down by Thursday, according to church officials. The art will be removed because a majority of the congregation voted that the 7-foot-tall statue and sculpted reliefs were "causing some confusion." According to the church, many people think the sculptures are Catholic and not representative of a Baptist church. In the church's letter, it offered Baker the opportunity to remove the sculptures if he desired to keep them, adding: "The art needs to be removed by May 31, 2018." [More]