Friday, June 8, 2018

Detour Gallery and the Jewish Art Salon present "The Invisible Jew"

In religious circles, Tamar is seen as a hero, who takes matters into her own hands and by will alone, inherits the holy birthright. In secular terms, she is seen as tragic figure for having to sleep with her father-in-law. It is this dichotomy I am exploring. – Joel Silverstein.
RED BANK, NJ---Detour Gallery and the Jewish Art Salon present The Invisible Jew: the lack of representation of women in orthodox media, the circumstances that allowed it, its consequences, and related issues. This exhibition deals with the systematic bias that has created the invisible women of Orthodox Judaism. 38 Artists from the US, Europe and Israel are expressing their insight on this subject in a powerful, persuasive show, that will help bring female imagery to the front lines of Orthodox Judaism. The exhibition addresses seven related themes: Erasure, The women's section/ separation, empowerment, mikveh/ impurity, purity, identify and inequality. [More]