Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Hindu family’s Korans shine at Srinagar’s Ramzan expo

By Peerzada Ashiq
Golden verses: Rare Quranic manuscripts on display at the exhibition. | Photo Credit: PTI
A major Ramzan exhibition has been held in Srinagar this year after three-and-a-half decades, with some rare objects including a Jammu-based Hindu trader’s private collection of rare Korans on display. Suresh Obrol moved the family treasure, written on cloth and paper, and including calligraphy works of Koranic verses on vellum or animal skin, across 300 km to Srinagar. “My great grandfather Lala Reki Ram ji was a collector and acquired two rare Korans, one written on a one-by-five foot piece of cloth, and another on a 4.5-by-5.5 ft paper sheet a century ago. He also got 40 calligraphy works on Koranic verses. It’s for the first time that we put the artefacts on display, for Ramzan,” Mr. Obrol said. [More]