Monday, June 11, 2018

Inverted crosses installed by Dark Mofo festival offend some in Christian community

By Georgie Burgess
Many in the Christian community have taken offence to the installation at Hobart's waterfront.
HOBART, AU---Christians fear the organisers of Dark Mofo are inviting dark forces to Hobart by displaying inverted crosses around the city. As part of the city's annual winter festival, several large red crosses, known as the Cross of Saint Peter, have been erected in prominent positions around the waterfront. Inverted crosses are also used as a symbol of the anti-Christ and many in the Christian community have expressed offence at the 20-metre-high art installations. Other Christian leaders have called for calm, while many residents have taken delight in photographing the bright crosses. The Dark Mofo festival is renowned for turning heads and creating controversy and last year involved a bloody sacrificial ritual using a bull. [More]