Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Life on the Margins in LGBT Africa: "God Knows Us. God Love's Us"

By Elton John
"Where Love Is Illegal" project by Robin Hammond
These days, our busy, digital lives leave us obsessed with what’s in front of us, and often ill equipped to reflect on what is larger than us. H.I.V. and AIDS advocacy forces us to think big: to consider the progress we have made — as a movement, and as a society — in a very short time. My organization, the Elton John AIDS Foundation, asked the photographer Robin Hammond to take his camera to countries like Kenya and Ghana, where homosexuality is illegal, and to Mozambique, where it is widely condemned, as part of his "Where Love Is Illegal” project. These brave people living their lives openly and honestly are pioneering a future without stigma. All of us should follow their lead. [More]
A transgender woman from Somalia who declined to give her real name. She has been living in the Kakuma camp since 2004. She has H.I.V., and has encountered discrimination when seeking treatment. (Kenya, October 2017.)
Avelino, 23, sitting, and Neston, 25, are a gay couple. Avelino was once a track athlete, but was kicked off his team after a photo of him and Neston ...