Thursday, June 14, 2018

Olivia Fraser's thousand splendid lotuses

By Pallavi Chattopadhyay
The idea of “looking into someone’s soul” ensured that the painting session was not a dominant process of creation and allowed her to share an equal relationship with the protagonists in her work. (Vicky Luthra)
Long before Scottish artist Olivia Fraser gave Indian miniatures a contemporary twist by using the lotus flower, and hands and feet as central motifs, she would frequently paint people on the streets — labourers toiling away and folk musicians during performances in Rajasthan — using western watercolour techniques. She’d wait for them to catch her stare. Although the Delhi-based artist does not paint people anymore, she continues to paint eyes. The result rests in London’s Grosvenor Gallery as part of her exhibition ‘The Lotus Within’, where large eyes stare at the viewer in Darshan II, with the iris shaped in the form of Fraser’s favourite subject, the lotus. [More]
“I like the shape of the lotus and the endless capacity of meaning that can be attached to it, from love to strength to confidence,” she says. (Vicky Luthra)