Saturday, June 23, 2018

Ramon Maiden tattoos Christ, the Virgin Mary and other Christian images


2018 Alpha Omega Prize Finalist:
Ramon Maiden's "Resurrection"
Based in Barcelona, artist Ramon Maiden embellishes pin up girls and religious figures with some serious ink. Using ball point pen, the self-designated “Dandy Delinquent” adds a mix of tribal patterns and old-school Americana to his subjects otherwise revered for their innocence. Tattoos are typically viewed as expressions of individual character. Maiden however, usurps the agency of the body markings, laying his own projections quite literally into the skin of his blonde beauties and holy virgins. On the thighs and breasts of his sex icons, Maiden draws Christian crosses and hands in prayer positions, while the flesh of Baby Jesus is adorned with snakes and skulls. The chosen imagery therefore complicates notions of the sacred and profane. [More]
Ramon Maiden limited edition canvas print