Thursday, July 26, 2018

An artist painted on the American flag. The governor of Kansas wants her work destroyed.

By Jane Coaston
“Untitled (Flag 2), 2017” by Josephine Meckseper 
A traveling art exhibit featuring an artistic depiction of the American flag has angered conservatives. A lot. They’ve called it “outrageous” and “offensive” to “red-blooded American patriots,” and have even demanded that it be destroyed. The flag is part of a year-long exhibit of a serialized commission titled “Pledges of Allegiance,” in which 16 artists were tasked with creating a flag focused on “an issue the artist is passionate about (and) a cause they believe is worth fighting for,” while “speak[ing] to how we might move forward collectively.” “Untitled (Flag 2)” is actually the final in a series of flags displayed at the University of Kansas and other universities, an effort that began in 2017 and will end on July 30. [More]