Wednesday, July 25, 2018

‘God is Trans’: A bold new exhibit in Brooklyn shaking up the art world

By George Johnson
God Is Trans art exhibit by Genesis Tramaine.
BROOKLYN---"God is Trans" interrupts the notion that God is male and ask the viewer to see God outside of traditional gender binaries but as trans; a spirit that occupies both genders and everything in between. Most importantly in the additional messaging is that this exhibit is a SAFE SPACE, not just for Queer folks but for “God lovers” as the artist states. Upon entering the Richard Beavers Gallery in Brooklyn, there are about 20 paintings around the rectangular room, all envisioning images of Jesus, Mary, and other principle reference points of Jesus in the Bible— depicting Jesus at various stages of his life from a young child at the age of 8 well into his adulthood. The artist, Genesis Tramaine, talked about her inspiration for the bringing this art to life. [More]
Artist @genesistramaine Mary in the Wilderness’ 30x40in. God is Trans Series 2018
Artist @genesistramaine explores the evolution of using the physical mustard seed referenced biblically as collage for mini portrait studies. I’m blessed to have amazing conversations during the day, some folks have faces full of faith and some don’t...