Thursday, July 5, 2018

Mo Salah and other Egyptian football stars depicted in Coptic-style art sparks controversy

By Rupert Hawksley
Mo Salah .. Mo Salah .. Mo Salah .. Running down the wingSALAAH .. La .. La .. La .. La .. La .. La .. The Egyptian King.
Knocked out at the group stage, having lost every game, Egypt did not have a World Cup to remember. Fans were doubtless hoping that, at this point in the competition, star player Mohamed Salah would be preparing for a crucial game; instead, he is on holiday in Beirut, a mere bystander as the tournament hurtles towards its climax. Despite this, however, the Egyptian football team is still making headlines. That’s because Ahmed El-Sabrouti, an Alexandria-based artist, recently released a series of eye-catching digital portraits of the players, as well as head coach Héctor Cúper, in a style that imitates the Fayum portraits of Egyptian mummies. [More]
The Historical and Legendary Goalkeeper , The 4 times winner of the African cup of Nations , The Oldest player Russia 2018 , with 45 Years ...The High Dam ... "Essam El Hadary"
Modulation of the FIFA World Cup 2018's logo to the "ANKH" (Egyptian Key of life). Image courtesy of Behance