Saturday, July 28, 2018

Mural art paintings from Kerala on display in the city

Vishnu Vikraman and Rajesh Pulappatta bring alive mural art in both traditional and contemporary paintings at Art Houz
Master carpenter Perumthachan, an important figure in Kerala folklore, stares out of many mural paintings displayed at Art Houz gallery. Artist Vishnu Vikraman has dedicated his series to the legend of Perumthachan who is believed to have killed his own son out of jealousy. “There are many tellings of this story, but my version is based on K B Sreedevi’s novel Agnihothram. Perumthachan’s story continues to be source of artistic expression,” says Vikraman. One painting shows Perumthachan at work, and the others highlight the scenes where Kannan (his son) learns the art from his father. Kannan earns praise from the King and the public, and one sees the growing jealousy on Perumthachan’s face in the paintings. The final painting shows Perumthachan dropping his chisel that falls on his son and kills him!”[More]