By Gregory & Ernest Disney-Britton
Still image: Bill Viola, Ascension, 2000, color video projection on wall in dark room; stereo sound; projected image size: 131 7/8 x 98 7/8 in (335 x 251 cm); room dimensions variable; 10:00. Performer: Josh Coxx. Photo: Kira Perov. Courtesy of Bill Viola Studio LLC.
Time is a crucial issue in Bill Viola’s work. As a sculptor of time (as Viola likes to define himself), his work is based on the manipulation of speed. While there is no stillness in Viola’s work, his basic idea of expanded time calms the spectator in order to purify his capacity to look outside and inside himself. It is a religious vision, although the artist does not formally practice any single religious doctrine or movement. The new exhibition, "Bill Viola at La Nave Salinas" features two of the artist's most acclaimed works, "Fire Woman" and "Tristan's Ascension," which can be viewed until September 30th at La Nave Salinas in Ibiza, Spain.

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